New York, summer of 2015; Nuria and Andrea shared their passion for collecting, harvesting and perhaps hoarding. Based in Mexico City and New York, two largely populated cities, we encounter new people every day; speculating about who they are, what is in their closet, which spices they cook with, what books they have in their library and how their living room looks like? Based on the notion of voyeurism and gaze, Nuria and Andrea started this project as an experiment to encounter someone’s private and investigate it through objects of aesthetic pleasure and value.


“I must always have an object to love,” confessed Freud to Jung when arranging items on his desk. What is a story of an object and how do people pour their stories and meanings into objects they use and places they inhabit? Fascinated with blurring the boundaries between public and private life, from the threshold of otherness, Anthropology of Everyday probs questions of intimacy and identity. Using photography as a tool of mapping and tracing; Anthropology of Everyday seeks to explore a point of entry through which a person’s narrative can be construed. How do objects leave their meaning and create one’s private portrait? Each story is a cast of an unique expression of one’s self desire, journey and self-portrait. We want to outline a narrative through a glimpse of intimacy, through otherness, through the fragments of a narrative that our cameras will read.

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